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Maintenace Contracts seems to be a homeowners septic headache.  CTS strives to make this a thing of the past for you. Our experience and understanding of Aerobic Treatment Units will help make this a seamless transition from headache to a sense of pride for helping the environment. CTS SHOWS up at your property 3 times a year as required by state law. CTS will document every part of visit so that you will know that we were there. CTS fills out the report and delivers them to the county office. If the Maintenance Provider does their job surprise cost pumpings and pump failures should be at a minimum.

TCEQ License #  MP0001965

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CTS's Real Estate Inspections are conducted with state laws and the environmental impact of the OSSF in mind.  We want to give our best opinion on the current and future condition of the OSSF. CTS does this by looking at current condition of the system and looks for signs of failure, modifications, and signs of seasonal high water. All Toilets and the Kitchen sink MUST go into the septic system. Our reports will find out if there was a Permit for the OSSF. The reports will be detailed and given to the Buyer/Seller, Title company and to the County.

Please Beware Texas Real Estate Law does not require you be licensed to do Real Estate Inspections. So Please use the county Designated Representative or a Licensed Installer.

Real Estate Inspections


CTS's Installations begin with a meeting with the owners and a site evaluation to discuss the location and the options for the on site sewage facility.  CTS prefers the owners have their own site evaluation done by a separate party (RS or PE) to help ensure that you are getting the best unbiased design for your needs and your property. Once a design has been obtained and approved by the county construction may begin. CTS will do our very best to treat your yard as our own. CTS will observe ALL state and Local laws while installing your OSSF with NO exceptions.

TCEQ License # OS0008561

TECQ License # OS0032290


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Coastal Technical Services  started installing septics again to provide a superior service at a fair price. CTS understands the stress of installing or especially replacing an existing septic system so we try to make it as painless as possible.  The "Poo Crew" wants to help make your septic system work to the best of its ability. We always have to take into account the age of the system, water usage, soil types and the quality of the installation to obtain your systems peak performance.




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